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Our company has been established in 2003 under the title of “Smyrna Tobacco”. Since 2008, it has started to produce “Smyrna Tobacco ” and “Rosanna Molasses” branded products. The company is denominated as “Smyrna Tobacco” after the ancient title of the city “Smyrna”, the principle dwelling of the company.

Smyrna Tobacco” and “Rosanna Molasses” branded products are produced by specialized staff, in the machine park organized as convenient to the products’ originality.


“Smyrna Tobacco” serves to introduce a modernized and more pleasant “water pipe” culture, which has been used for ages by flavoring its ingredients with indispensable fruit aromas. We have the claim of generating unforgettable pleasures and delicious flavors by combining many natural tastes with water pipe tobacco.

“Smyrna Tobacco” has the principle of producing qualified water-pipe tobacco with its specialized saucing method and at the same time maintains its primary goal of preserving the quality of tobacco and flavors.

“Smyrna Tobacco” targets to extend its share through prestigious distributors while maintaining its already gained trade market.


“Smyrna Tobacco” continues its production through scientific methods in order to improve product quality under its Research and Development studies.

It makes progress with quick steps in order to advertise its original flavor and smell everywhere that the water pipes bubble in a market net, which it began to dominate. “Smyrna Tobacco” targeted to be the first brand coming to minds when water-pipe tobacco is cited.

Smyrna Tobacco products primarily by keeping the tobacco and aroma quality, our company with a special method of sausage to produce high-quality hookah tobacco.


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